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Hello World!! June 18, 2008

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And so begin my adventures in blogging…

I suppose I’ll just be sharing some of my views on the world, on life and on relationships.
Not a novelty, I know, but maybe someone out there can relate to what I have to say…

Why Citizen of the Planet? Well, just because that’s how I feel. My reasons?

1. Living in the heart of Europe, it’s become ever so hard for me to answer the question “where are you from?”… I don’t know… Let me think about it… The US? Portugal? Europe? A bit from everywhere, I guess. I really don’t feel like choosing… I suppose stupid american and crazy european both suit me fine 🙂

2. In today’s world, we really HAVE to be citizen’s of this Planet and treat it with respect. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, whatever you do can affect us all! Environmentaly, socialy and economicaly…

3. I love the Simon & Garfunkel song!


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